Beyond the Silver Screen: 2 Movies That Showcase Burma’s Charm

Movies are often the gateway to a better understanding of subject matter that happened before our time. Movies are also a great way to see places that we would normally not see. When you are trying to scope out whether a place is worth visiting or building your ideas of sights or places you’d want to visit, movies are pretty useful.

In light of this, we wanted to share two particular movies that showcase Burma’s charm.

From Bangkok to Mandalay

This is a drama film that came out in 2016. This movie focuses on a bittersweet tale of a life re-told through letters. This film does a good job of taking its audience through an emotional rollercoaster through the eyes of Pin and Kyaw Kyaw.

This film also does a wonderful job of taking the audience with it through different wondrous sights around Burma (now known as Myanmar) with the premise that Pin has to open the letters her grandmother left her at the places where they were written. This film, as a modern one, takes everyone through the hustle and bustle of the locale while carefully tangling in the little anecdotes and sights that make Burma unique.

The Lady

If there was a film that was to really highlight the turbulent political undertones as well as the strength that is inherent in the Burmese people, it would be this film. We could probably direct you toward several world war themed movies but it is The Lady that manages to capture the resilient determination of Aung San Suu Kyi.

To Conclude

The two movies we have listed above both showcases the charm that Burma carried and continues to carry into its future. While the two films had a different subject, at its very core, it was Burma that was the star.