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The West and an Icon: Why Criticism of Aung San Suu Kyi Helps No One

Burma, now known as Myanmar, has a rather militaristic regime to it. It was around late 2017 when the reports of the attacks on Rohingya started circulating both online and in the international news circuits. By the reports of independent media, it was appearing more and more that it was a systematic ethnic cleansing of the non-Buddhist people by the Myanmar government.

By the government’s view, they were reportedly handling the Rohingya militants that have been indiscriminately attacking peaceful Buddhists. Thousands of Rohingya refugees are now scattering toward the neighboring countries of Thailand and Bangladesh. They carry with them tales of brutality enacted upon them.

Quick History

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Rohingya are the ethnicity that predominantly practices the Muslim faith. They are a very small percentile of a nation that mostly practices Buddhism. In the eyes of many, the Rohingya are illegal immigrants despite the fact that they have been in Myanmar for centuries. What is surprising is that they are not even considered in the national tally of ethnicities in Myanmar.

Aung San Suu Kyi is a very well-known person in Myanmar. She is the very first person from South East Asia to have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. She has long campaigned from peace in Myanmar, saying that it is a nation that is completely parched for peace. Despite this, she has not done anything to spare the Rohingya from being persecuted. It is even worth noting that Kyi and her government have blocked and consistently denied entries by UN teams tasked to investigate the issue. Worst of all, they have barred efforts of international groups from coming in and offering aid to the refugees.

Aung San Suu Kyi has refused to criticize the military and their actions.

Western Ire

The western hemisphere of the world has always been quick to express their ire online or through their media publications. As Kyi is a Nobel Peace Prize holder, those far removed from the situation have long expected her to denounce the seeming genocide presently occurring in her nation.

The trouble with all the far removed voices is that they do not realize that her authority is very limited. It is the military that controls the nation.

To Conclude

The continued and incessant criticism of Aun San Suu Kyi helps no one. She is not in charge of her country at this rate. It is the military of Myanmar that deserves the international attention and ire. Kyi is an easy and incorrect target.