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The Yadana natural gas pipeline project in Burma.



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New Photographs of the pipeline by Earthrights International

New  Report of French Parliamentary Committee finding that forced labor was used during the early phases of the construction of the Yadana pipeline.

New  International Labor Rights Fund's Unocal/Burma litigation

Unocal's position

A reply

Decisions by US Court denying Unocal's motions to dismiss; Doe v. Unocal and NCGUB v. Unocal.

New  Corporate Watch campaign calling on UNHCR to resign from co-chairing the Business Humanitarian Forum with Unocal because of projects including Yadana.

Cable from U.S. Embassy Rangoon on visit to proposed pipeline route.  [Adobe Acrobat format.  Download free Acrobat reader from Adobe.].  January 1996.   This cable, obtained through a Freedom of Information Act Request, documents the involvement of specific Burma army battalions in hiring construction workers and contains an apparent admission by a Unocal representative that some workers had been coerced: "The rate at which workers run away has decreased dramatically."

Earth Rights International: Total Denial (Yadana pipeline)

Corporate Watch, Deadly Partners, on The Yadana Pipeline Project.

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